Cara Membuat Armor Type C / Armor Type Strong Intense

Daftar Ability yang dapat kamu temukan dan statusnya:
EnduranceIncreases elemental resistance by 5
FineIncreases accuracy by 5
Grand*Increases attack range
Guardian Decreases the duration of debuffs by 10%
ProtectionIncreases shield block rate by 5%. Can only be used on shield.
Saving* Decreases FP cost of skills and spells
Sharp Increases critical hit chance by 8%
Solid Increases defense by 10%
Strength* Increases hit points
Strong Increases attack damage by 5%
Vampire 4% of damage dealt is regained as hit points
Advanced Strength Increases hit points and force points by 6%
Anti-Sharp* Increases resistance to critical hits

Keterangan Bahan :
Purple Excelsior PieceDrop Monster
Purple Excelsior CHasil Kombinasi Purple Excelsior Piece
Red StoneDiperoleh dari hasil Proses Ore+1 sampai Ore+4 (tambang)
Inventory Tool BoxDrop Monster level 40 keatas
Armor IntenseArmor Intense minimal harus sudah +1 Favor

contoh armor Strong Intense turun level 45